Welcome to the new Lefora!

The Lefora Team knew that our beloved free forum platform needed some TLC. Users and admin alike wanted new features, themes and more customization available within their forums. We listened, and are proud to re-launch an upgraded Lefora.com.

We know how important forum communities are within the Internet universe, and that’s why the new Lefora has many exciting new features such as flexible forum and member management, improved moderation options, detailed security logs, interactive user profiles, member contributions towards ad-free, and more . Starting and running a forum has never been easier on Lefora. Try it out, and experience the new and improved Lefora first hand.

We are not stopping here – we have plans for continued improvements across Lefora as we are dedicated to make Lefora one of the best free forum hosts available. We also love feedback and plan on working with you to include your thoughts and ideas in the development process. Please feel free to reach out to us anytime: Lefora Support. We look forward to hearing from you, and to having you join and stay with us at Lefora!

If you are looking for help you may want to check our Help and FAQ pages. For legal problems on the Lefora site you should check out our Legal pages to understand your options. Legal issues can be reported at Lefora Support.

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Who is Lefora?

Lefora is awesome because it allows even the least technical people to start their own community with a form-based editor to set up your forum.
Kate Russell, BBC

[Lefora] aims to tackle common problems in the Internet mainstay of online forums and discussion groups.
Ellen Lee, San Francisco Chronicle

lefora.com is forums made easy — it's like blogger for forums.
Business Week

[Lefora] lets people create online forums.
Jessica Guynn, LA Times

Lefora forum's have been designed to be social, engaging, and easy-to-use.
John Stokes, The Canadian

Build A Free Full-Feature Web Forum With Lefora.
Paul Glazowski, Mashable

Moderation is an important element of forum management and Lefora has decided to build their own spam detection engine from the ground up.
Mark Hendrickson, TechCrunch

And I +love+ the color theme selector they have.
Robert Scoble, Scobleizer